Monday, October 15, 2012

The downside of Google

I don't remember life before Google. Okay, maybe I do.  Somewhere in my dim past I can still vaguely make out a time with cassette players, hyper-colour t-shirts, episodes of Family Ties and wondering how much longer Bob Hawke would be PM.  Oh, so long ago!

Nowadays, I google multiple times a day.  I go to clean something and think, "There must be a better method for this.  I'll google it!"  And, lo and behold, there are 132 alternative methods most involving bi-carb soda (a placebo cleaner that motivates you to actually scrub whatever it is to which you've been avoiding applying elbow grease).

What did we do before Google?  Well, here's where I think one of the little drawbacks of the wonder of Google comes into play.  I think we probably asked a person.  Maybe, we rang our granny or we asked our neighbour or we chatted about it over a cup of tea.  I don't need to ask a person now.  I just google.

If I didn't have google, maybe I'd talk more with some of the older women at church and find out how they managed their family life.  Or maybe I'd ring Nana to find out what I could possibly make for tea tonight with one strip of bacon, a can of tomatoes and a dehydrated lettuce.  Don't get me wrong - I love blogs, youtube clips and random sites of household tips.  But maybe I'm missing out on something.  Google makes me a little more self-sufficient and a little less likely to share.  That can't be all good.


Jessica said...

Lol placebo cleaner. Really good observations. You've made me think.

Deb said...

:) Thanks.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

So so true! I love a bit of bicarb! ;) I have found since being Facebook free for six months I have had so much more real life conversations and invited people over for a chat! Lovely to discover your blog ,

Deb said...

Thanks for dropping by! I need to make more of an effort to have some face-to-face conversations too, I think.