Monday, October 8, 2012

Smooth hospitality

I like to plan things. I like to execute the job of “people coming over” with military precision. I don’t want to show off or be fake, but I do like us to be at our very best. However, yesterday things conspired against me.

1. I was still chopping veggies when our guests arrived.

2. I realized I had accidentally left the essential ingredient – more than a kg of chicken breasts – frozen in a lump in the freezer. This had to be defrosted while our amused guests watched on. At one point during this process, some of it fell on the floor. 

3. None of the children at the table – neither ours nor our guests’ – would eat even a bite of the chicken. They picked at the vegetables. That’s how much they didn’t want to try my chicken.

4. Part way through the afternoon, one of our children wee-ed in the middle of the back lawn in full view of the adults still sitting at the dining table. WHY???? I’m sure our guests thought they’d stumbled into a zoo at this point.

5. Our children were totally over-excited about having people over. We resorted to television to keep them quiet.  Yep.

But you know what? It really didn’t matter. The adults enjoyed the food. The kids played. We got to chat. And we shared time. I usually work up quite a lather getting ready for guests. Yesterday, I was undone and it was all still okay. I think I’ll remember that for next time.

And I'll remember to defrost the chicken before the guests arrive.

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