Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the mirror

I have this wrinkle and I'm not happy.  Well, I have a few actually.  But I have this particular wrinkle that is moving from a wrinkle to a trench.  Deeper and deeper.  It's between my eyebrows, slightly to the left.  I'm pretty okay with getting older: I'm very slowly going grey without a care in the world.  But I'm very affronted by this particular wrinkle. You know how they say you shouldn't worry about your wrinkles because they are marks of character?  Or people call them "laugh lines"?  Well, mine is a frown line and I'm afraid it might very well be a mark of character.

I suppose being grumpy about it and frowning when I look in the mirror isn't helping either.  Bother.


Jean said...

:) Yep, I've got one of those! Except mine is more a trench. My fringe is my friend.

Caroline said...

I suspect it's barely noticeable when you're not actually looking in the mirror. But I agree with Jean re the fringe. I sometimes use mine to cover my (one) grey eyebrow.

Deb said...

You're right, Jean and Caroline. I'll have to increase the thickness of my fringe. Someone suggested I could just try to look permanently surprised and astonished. I'm trying to cultivate a kind of "wide-eyed wonder" expression which is unfortunately coming off more as "wild-eyed and hormonal".