Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gangnam style

This little ditty was playing loudly from a vehicle in the school car park this afternoon.  So I felt a motherly duty on the way home to explain the intent behind the song.  Having previously read about the phenomena in wikipedia, I explained with the mellow voice of a sage that it is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the "wanna-bees" who long to impress by trying to emulate the super-rich of the Gangham area of Seoul.  I think I came across as wise and knowledgeable as I expanded their understanding of pop culture.

And they took that all in...right?  They understand it on a satirical level now...don't they?

Thankfully, they haven't seen the video.  I think it's best described by Matt Buchanan and Scott Ellis of the Sydney Morning Herald when they say it "generally makes you wonder if you have accidentally taken someone else's medication".

The problem is - even just saying the name - it gets in your head!  They don't call these things "viral" for nothing.  And if you have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, for goodness sake let it be.  Hold on to your precious brain cells while you still can!

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Tasmanian said...

A Year Five student of mine was ten minutes late to his first lesson of the day yesterday because "Psy was on the news so we stayed home to watch it." The boy's father is a teacher. I had heard of the Gangnam thing but not heard the song, so I watched it last night. I felt old. I felt like my MOTHER. I was forming sentences in my head as if talking to my own children like "You're not watching this smut" and "I don't understand why it's funny." My parents and older sisters would simply TURN OFF the TV if we were watching stuff that talked about "sexy lady" etc. I am going to be the uncool parent and there's nothing anyone can do to change my mind.