Saturday, October 20, 2012

Does it make a difference?

There is some really bad stuff in the world.  The world-wide problems that stem from poverty seem so very insurmountable. 

But last month UNICEF announced that the number of children dying from preventable diseases around the world has dropped dramatically. About ten years ago, the statistic was that over 30,000 kids died every day from things like malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia. Then it dropped to 21,000. Now, we’re told the number is around 19,000.  And that is despite a rise in population figures.  That's good, good news.

Now take a deep breath and remember that number - 19,000 children - was for every day. Not a figure for a year or a month. Preventable diseases.

That's deeply distrubing isn't it?

Nope, we're not ever going to get all the world's problems all cleaned up and sorted nicely.  But extreme poverty is something we can tackle and reduce.  We can make a measurable difference.  We just have to want to do something about it.  For goodness sake, let's do that!

Statistics courtesy of Compassion International:

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