Monday, October 29, 2012

Bryson on science and religion

Bill Bryson's book A Short History of Nearly Everything is a tour of scientific discovery.  Bryson is in Australia this week for a lecture at the Florey Institute.  Here's a really interesting quote from him about science and religion:

''It did make me realise that if I were a spiritual person, then everything in science would reinforce that, rather than contradict it,'' says Bryson. ''People who are fundamentalist Christians, they seem to think that science is somehow opposed to their beliefs, that it's a threat to their belief. And it is in the sense that you can't take the Bible literally, and all those sorts of things.
''But actually, when you look at science and the science of the universe and the fact that we are - so far as we know - the only living things in it, it's even more kind of miraculous and wonderful.''
And that would feed straight into spiritual beliefs. ''If you go right back to the very beginning, and you're looking for an explanation, God is as good as anything.
''So what caused the Big Bang? The answer is, we don't really know scientifically, or I believe it was God. Or what caused life to start on earth when it did? Well, it's either we can't say for sure scientifically, or you could say, well, God did it.
''This isn't at all inconsistent with profound religious beliefs.''  From here

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