Friday, September 7, 2012

Time for a dog

The cats in our neighbourhood are driving us mad.  Our elderly cat sleeps inside 95% of the time now.  But Sparkles comes over a great deal and lately about three other cats have been appearing.  I suspect they are chasing young Sparkles.  And they are spraying which is beyond annoying!

So the subject of a dog has come up.  A big anti-cat dog.  I grew up with a dog who was an indoor/outdoor dog and even slept on the end of my bed.  But now I don't feel quite the same way about doggy breath and fur and paws and what-not.  But if we had a dog, just how long could I hold out before the dog was indoors?  And what about the digging, and the vet bills, and walking it in winter, and chasing it down when it inevitably digs a hole under the fence to escape, and the chewing of toys and the poo on the back lawn?

On the plus side, I would be my children's hero if I brought home a dog to love.  And, I have to admit, I'm a bit attracted by the idea that I'd have a four-legged excuse to avoid holidays.  "Oh, no.  We don't have anyone to mind the dog.  We couldn't be away that long."  I don't like going away.  You have to do all the usual stuff of mothering in a location with less convenience and the constant headache of making sure your kids don't break anything.  Not a fan.  Just let me spend my summer at home, pottering around.  Maybe even pottering around with a dog to keep me company.

I don't know.  Expense & mess vs love & no cats.  What to do?

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