Thursday, September 20, 2012

Skyflakes and the Lord's Supper

One of my friends brought around this tub of comfort food last night.  It's a Filipino cracker from my childhood.  You know childhood food: takes you back instantly and feels oh-so-right.  Memories wrapped in taste.

So I convinced my children to give Skyflakes a go.  Usually, when Filipino food arrives at our house, my kids excitedly take a bite or two and then decide it's weird and they don't like it.  Then I pretend to be disappointed that they have scorned my childhood culture.  But secretly I hope all along for this outcome because now the whole family-sized slab of cassava cake is mine, all mine!

Regrettably, Skyflakes are a universal hit with children everywhere so I will have to share my new tub.  But as they were greedily munching their way through, I began to reminisce about my childhood.

When we lived in the Philippines, my dad was a pastor of an evangelical church in a smallish town about four hours from Manila.  Although you could get most things you wanted, more exotic items weren't always in stock.  This meant that it wasn't always possible to buy the bread and grape juice we used for communion services.  On those Sundays, communion would be held using Skyflakes and Coca-cola.  I kid you not.

My kids were over the moon: "Could we please, please, please join Granddad's church?"

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