Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not a scarewy movie

We have quite a sensitive soul amongst our family when it comes to watching films. The original Herbie movie proved too suspenseful. Let's just call it a low-tolerance level for possible bad outcomes.

But recently we borrowed Disney's Swiss Family Robinson (1960). Highly recommend it if you are looking for some good fun with a few pirates getting their just desserts. Unlike some of the older family movies, the plot moves along at a quick pace - no long song and dance scenes like Mary Poppins. The movie has a fair bit of adventure that kids love to imagine for themselves - building an amazing treehouse, taming wild animals, defeating pirates. There is some mild suspense but nothing too terrible happens and even our sensitive soul made it through the film without having to run out of the room.

Now that he's been able to watch a few DVDs without getting distressed, he's feeling bolder. A mate has told him of the wonders of Star Wars. He's really keen on this idea. He came home and told me that his friend had watched it and said it was fine. "It's really not scarewy at all!" I've made a decision. If you are still saying "scarewy" instead of "scary", you're not ready for it.

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