Saturday, September 15, 2012

Killer Bunnies - review

Killer Bunnies is quirky, somewhat geeky and quite addictive. And it's got cool 12-sided dice. 

The aim is to collect as many "carrot" cards as possible. As you do this, you must also keep your "bunny" cards alive and safe from many dangers including starvation, electric hedge-trimmers, missile launchers and jello with pineapple chunks. The beauty of the game is best seen when silliness combines with a ruthless determination to win. The game ends when all of the carrot cards have been amassed by players and the holder of a randomly-drawn carrot card becomes the winner. In other words, you can play a very good game and lose anyway or vice-versa. Obviously, this drives some personality types crazy and they should be kept right away from Killer Bunnies. But the aim is to enjoy the playing of the game more than the winning of it.

The other thing that makes Killer Bunnies particularly entertaining are the booster packs that you can add on to the game. Each booster changes the strategy of the game somewhat and introduces new elements. So just when you think it's all getting a bit predictable, you can add in some further craziness.

Highly recommended although it is a bit hard to learn just from the instructions.  It's much better if someone who already knows the game plays it with you.  I'm happy to be that person.  You might need to provide airfares but I'm quite happy to sleep on the floor once I get there.

You won't find this game on-shelf unless you are in a dedicated games store but it's easily ordered online from a local games retailer or Amazon.  For ages 12+.  If you have younger children, you can probably get them playing earlier if they've experienced Kinder Bunnies.

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Tasmanian said...

Quite addictive? 100% addictive. Could also be played by a big group of people (10+?), so handy for youth groups / church camps.

Kinder Bunnies is perfect for my six year old, who has been known to play it by herself (ie. against herself) if none of us will play. It has three levels in the one set, and my four year old can play the first level without any help. I have had to pry the bunnies out of his hands at some points, though.