Monday, September 17, 2012

Family bonds

A friend at playgroup asked me last week, "Do your children fight with each other?"

And thus we discovered that we are both only children.  Sibling arguments are new territory for us.

This is led to us calculating how many relationships are produced each time you add a child to a family.

Marriage: 1 relationship

One child: 3 relationships (Mum & Dad, Mum & child, Dad & child)

Two children: 6 relationships

Three children: 10 relationships

Four children: 15 relationships

Five children: 21 relationships

You get the idea.  So we have 10 relationships happening in our house.  Only one of those relationships involves two (mostly) mature adults.  So no wonder if we have a few arguments about the place from time to time.  That makes me feel less crazy.

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