Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eight-year old learns to clean the toilet... astounded!

Simone likes to create holiday contracts.  Meredith encouraged me to use holidays as an opportunity to take the time to teach new chores.  I've rolled that together to create our holiday "Work For The Dole Computer Time" system.

It's only for the holidays.  I would find it too tiresome to maintain during term time.  But so far I've gotten toilets cleaned, bathroom basins wiped, garden beds weeded, floors swept and glass cleaned.  And while it hasn't really saved me any time because I've had to supervise most of the work so far, it's provided excellent opportunities to teach new cleaning skills.  Usually, my attempts to teach chores are met with much grumpiness and resistance.  But it's all a matter of finding the right currency.
So thanks Simone and Meredith!


Karen said...

You are so very organised :)
Thanks for sharing though. We have had a few sick people in our house these holidays (me included) so I might try and remember this next school holiday time.

Karen said...

And I do love how cleaning the toilet is worth far more points than anything else on your list ;)

CardsAsGifts said...

How about you add "keep it in the toilet" for x points!!! Might reduce the number of times it needs cleaning! And also make them more incline to keep it clean! Just thinking of your "Oh the humanity" post from the other day. You don't want to offer points for cleaning a toilet if that gives them an incentive to dirty it first!

Deb said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Deb said...

I see your point! But it's less cleaning the floor than the toilet itself. I only let them have that token once a day so there's no points value in making it stinky again.