Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boredom busters

Here in Australia, another set of school holidays is about to arrive. Lots of time to read, pick on siblings, conduct science experiments, make a mess in the kitchen, read books, stare at the ceiling, beg for more screen time and make up new games. In the interest of sanity, I give you three quick activities from boys' club at church this term. Most primary (elementary) aged kids would enjoy these.

Straw planes

 An alternative design for a paper plane. Much easier to fly than an ordinary paper plane. Instructions from here at All for the Boys.

Volcanic milk

This simple science experiment makes visible the activity created by the addition of dishwashing liquid. It's just fun to play around with. Instructions and video here from Steve Spangler Science.

Musical coat hangers

Wire coat hangers do not make a nice sound.  However, with the addition of some string, you can make an ordinary wire coat hanger produce a very good imitation of a church bell.  Find the instructions here at Science Experiments for Kids.  This one comes with a special bonus: the kids will look hilarious while doing it.

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