Monday, August 27, 2012

The minister's kid and Mr Bailey's daughter

I was interviewed in church yesterday morning.  You know the kind of thing: where did you grow up, how did you come to be a Christian.. etc.  As I thought over the interview later in the day, I did some reminiscing about my minister's-kid childhood.  Hmmmmm.  There's definitely some positives and negatives to that.  Reminded me of this song.  I especially relate to the "largest gathering of elderly ladies ever to act upon their moral obligation to report everything I ever said or did".  Oh yeah.

And I've often rapped to myself:

From the hearts of beggars to the hearts of kings,
The heart's the greatest of deceitful things.
Expose what's wicked in the hearts of men,
You can count to twenty and it's back again.


Find your place in the games we play,
No one's safe when it's safe to say,
The perfect motive has another ulterior,
Check yours twice when you're feeling superior.

Now I know you are a little disturbed at the idea of me rapping anything.  Quite frankly a worry.  But enjoy the song anyway.


Anonymous said...

I always felt being a minister's kid was like being a diplomat. Especially when everyone knows you and what you're doing but you can't quite remember who they are... J

Deb said...

Diplomat - too true. But maybe more like a covert operative: not sure who you can trust and weighing your words very carefully.

Anonymous said...

So true! And sometimes knowing too much about what goes on (no fault of the parents - kids have ears and eyes!)... I kept a lot of things to myself for a long time!! J