Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Book Week journey of love continues

My finger is healing nicely and I can finally type with it again.  However, Book Week preparations have had some twists and turns today.

Firstly, my daughter announces that all "evil" characters have been banned by her teacher.  Now, I could argue about this but I know from experience that if "her teacher" says something no amount of breath on my part to clarify, question or suggest otherwise will help.  So I simply said, "Right oh!  What can we do instead?"  So the White Witch of Narnia's silver dress is now Queen Lucy of Narnia's silver dress and I've spent the evening quickly making a small silver dagger and a vial of healing cordial to be attached with a red belt.

Good news on the Big Bad Wolf front because I managed to get his black nose stuck on without another horrible hot glue burn.  I celebrated this victory by donning the costume and heading in to show the boys who had just been tucked in for the night.  Oh dear.  Turns out my wolf snout is jolly realistic in dim light, not to mention my enthusiastic growling, and my youngest son erupted into howling of his own which brought his father running to rescue him.  I sheepishly (oh the storybook irony!) headed out of the room and promised not to terrify my children any further.

But the big bump in the road came when I popped into work this afternoon to check my instructions for tomorrow. I was reminded that I needed a Book Week costume too!  Ugh.  Ahhhhh.  Panic!!!  That had completely escaped me.  I don't think my year level used to do Book Week dress-ups in days gone by, or maybe the kids did but the staff didn't.  Either way, they now do, and I need a costume.

So I'm going as the pussy cat from 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'.  I shall pin a small toy owl to my jacket along with some cut out pictures of honey, money, a guitar and a ring.  And of course I shall wear my cat ears.  My cat ears are rather embarrassingly famous but that's a story for another post.  I'll possible add some whimsical whiskers in the morning but we'll see how I'm feeling.  After all, I do have to maintain some level of authority and respect in the classroom.  That's why I decided not to follow my son's suggestion to go as the Muddleheaded Wombat even though we have a very good costume for that.  I'm sure you understand.

So I'm not feeling the love for Book Week just now.

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Tasmanian said...

Such a good comedy of errors. Thanks for sharing.

Dressing gown, ricrac and cardboard buttons made by my six-year-old. Sorted.