Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music doesn't always soothe the savage beast

Two of our children have recently commenced piano lessons with The Concert Pianist.  This has ushered in the era of "music practice" in our house.  Oh, the tears!  After a few weeks, I've noticed a pattern emerging.  Wednesday night - piano lesson.  Thursday night - hideous tantrums and tears during practice.  Friday night - a little better.  And by Monday and Tuesday night - sweet, simple practice done in 15 minutes.  So my kids, like me, don't like trying to do something they can't do well the first time.  Oh, the lessons we are learning.

But I was really helped by this post from No Reading At The Breakfast Table.  Really good advice on music lessons and certified by The Concert Pianist as good stuff.  We will battle on.  Could be worse.  They could be learning the violin.

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My brother played violin... J