Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY - whiteboard

Ugly-but-we-can't-live-without-it whiteboard.

Pretty whiteboard dry-erase board.

I'm not much for home decorating (pathetic at it really).  The whiteboard was an unfortunate focal point for our kitchen.  Couldn't do without it but it was looking very sad.  So I bought a white frame from our local cheapo home wares store and 75cm of pretty material.  Press fabric, lay it on the glass, pop the backing on, check it's wrinkle free and then trim off the excess.  Done.  

I might get a white marker next time I'm at the shops because I chose a fairly busy background and the black marker isn't standing out as much as I'd like.  Although, that's a plus because the writing blends in from a distance and when you get close it's readable.  I foresee possible problems with the white frame getting marker all over it.  Not sure how it will work out long-term.  But for now, my kitchen is brighter.


CardsAsGifts said...

Why don't you get some clear laquer / varnish / spray on sealer (from spotlight) and seal the frame with that?

Deb said...

Because I'm lazy! :) But I have switched to a whit marker now and I'm hoping that won't show up on the frame anyway.

Deb said...

That would be a WHITE marker. Not a whit one. The whit ones are too expensive and very rare.