Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank God it's Friday

I know that “Thank God it’s Friday’ is usually said in absence of any kind of thankfulness towards the Almighty, but I’d like to do my bit to remedy that.

Today I’m thankful that the big pain in my youngest's tummy at midnight turned out to be harmless and not a trip to emergency.  I'm always so grateful when they go back to sleep in peace and all the fear that wells up in my gut subsides.

You got anything you’re thankful for today? Join in! Let’s count our blessings for a bit.


Anonymous said...

My whole family is currently thankful that we're not allergic to cats!! J

Karen said...

Thankful here that I realised the 2 year old had weepy eyes and a very snotty nose before we arrived at her little friend's birthday party and spread it around all the other little kids from church...
It did take me a while to notice though. Dad got her up and fed breakfast this morning and didn't mention it, then I got her dressed and strapped everyone into the car, and then I realised her eyes were full of tears even though she wasn't sad... So she has been sleeping it off for most of the day.