Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The spy car

Yesterday, while driving along the freeway on a long-ish trip, my cruise control stopped working. Annoying. But I suspected that I had somehow caused it. You see, my car is a little unusual. I might not be Ziva but just quietly my car probably is.

Our car is a "police pack". It's a standard road car that is made specifically for the police. They do a run of them and sometimes the police don't buy up the full set and they have left-overs. Like rejected Guide Dog puppies. And that's my car. Mild-mannered family car on the outside, gritty cop on the inside.

When we told the kids we were getting a police car, they were very excited. And then totally disappointed as it arrived with no sirens, flashing lights or handcuffs in the back seat. To tell the truth, you really can't tell the difference. It doesn't go extra fast or have a radio in the front or have spaces for concealed weapons. Well, not that I've found yet.

The differences though are there. If you know where to look.

A few weekends ago, my husband was away for the day over the other side of town. It was a busy Saturday with lots of errands to run and a child's birthday party to be squeezed in. I jumped in the car and it wasn't working properly. The motor was running but the dash lights were off, no music would play, and the indicator light noise wasn't working. It was dead on the inside and I really needed the car that day! So I hopped out and checked that the indicators were working on the outside. Yep. Okay, I figured with the indicators, brakes and engine all working the car was still safe to drive, and the music would have to wait. And so we went through the rest of the day like that until my husband could get home to look at the car. We concluded it must be a computer malfunction and that it would have to be looked at.

Then the next morning, he suddenly remembered: this is no ordinary car! What I had done while fiddling around the previous morning was knock a piece of plastic of whose existence I was in total ignorance. It is a plain, dark and unmarked plastic strip. Once pressed, the car enters "surveillance mode". No interior lights. No noises. But the car works perfectly. One press of the Very Serious Button and we had everything back to normal.

Thus when my cruise control suddenly stopped working yesterday, I was pretty sure it was my absent-minded pressing of too many buttons while trying concurrently to explain the geological process behind mountain formation to the three in the back. It's working again now.

So that why I treat The Car with a bit of respect. It's got a higher security clearance than me and it may be armed.... I just haven't found that button yet.


Petrina said...

My husband and I are chuckling. That is so cool!

Karen said...

Giggling here too....