Monday, July 2, 2012

See For Yourself

year1-Term1-aSee For Yourself is a 4-year course of Sunday School material aimed at high school students.
 It was written  with church groups in mind but has also been used by a number of Christian schools as their curriculum for lower-middle high school Bible classes.  It's written from a reformed evangelical viewpoint and covers much of the Westminster Confession of Faith though not in the kind of explicit manner that would put a Year 9 student to sleep.  All of the writers were professional teachers..... and I was one of them.  Which is why I thought I should mention it on my blog.  So if your church or Christian school is looking for Bible teaching material with substance and style, click here and you'll be catapulted over to the See For Yourself website where you can look at lesson samples and find ordering information.


Jean said...

Hah! I'm familiar with that material (haven't actually used it, but like the look of it...). Fancy you being one of the writers! :)

Deb said...