Friday, July 13, 2012


There's an article online today which lists the 25 most common computer password from publicly available sources:

1. password
2. 123456
3. 12345678
4. 1234
5. qwerty
6. 12345
7. dragon
8. pussy
9. baseball
10. football
11. letmein
12. monkey
13. 696969
14. abc123
15. mustang
16. michael
17. shadow
18. master
19. jennifer
20. 111111
21. 2000
22. jordan
23. superman
24. harley
25. 1234567

None of them are mine.

But can I just say I have some sympathy with the overly-easy-to-guess password-maker.  I am about one more password away from totally collapse.  Banking, library card, government departments, internet security, book buying websites, online charity, work computer log-in, home computer log-in, blog log-in... if I have to remember one more set of numbers and letters it will be the end of the whole system.  My brain will crash and not a single combination of random alphanumerics will be left in my head and I'll never be able to access anything ever again.  I shall have to live on a deserted island in the tropics and learn the uke.  I'm serious.  Stop with the passwords people!  Bring on the retina scans!  And implanted microchips!  Okay, maybe not the chips.


Anonymous said...

I love that my name is on the list! J

Karen said...

I like it that "letmein" is there :)
I have a couple of very similar passwords that I try to use across the world of logins that I have to navigate. If the option exists to change an allocated password, I will try to change it to one of these so I only have a few to remember...

Meredith said...

I remember getting a four digit password to work my photocopy card at work a million years ago. I was quite stressed at the time. After school I went to the bank to get money out and stood in front of the ATM. No password. Evidently there had been no more brainspace available. The photocopier password had pushed the ATM pin number right out of my head. Never to return. I had to apply for a new pin number, which in those days, took a week or two to come in the mail. Tragic. I get what you are saying.

Deb said...

Oh good! It's not just me then. :)

Elrem said...

I used to use "qwerty" all the time.
I think with touchscreens gaining popularity , fingerprints identification could be a way to go.

PS: i just tried to post this earlier and i was reminded that i just changed my password less than an hour ago! Unlike Meredith, my brains haven't caugh up with the changes. It's still updating :-)