Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Only 7 seasons?

I've just realized today that my West Wing days are coming to an end.  There's only 7 seasons.  Why didn't someone point that out?  I had 10 in my head.  We are starting Season 7 sometime this week or next week.  And then it's all downhill.  And I'll have to find real friends.  Bother.


simone r said...

The post West Wing grief is something many of us have experienced.

But don't be afraid - the writers are kind and thoughtful and coach you through it. The series wraps up very gently. It's almost like a funeral service - sad but satisfying. You really get the feeling of mourning with the writers, actors, producers etc. Communal tears.

When you are ready, we can tell you what you need to watch next. Don't worry about finding real friends. Plenty of time for that after Firefly and Studio 60 and...

Tasmanian said...

Wingnuts - sheesh!