Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mind blowing

Though I'm no science geek, the electron microscope rates pretty high on my list of amazing inventions.  With it and the variations that came after it, we discovered that the basic building blocks of life were  far more complex than we had previously imagined.  While it might have been assumed that as things got smaller, they got simpler, the development of the electron microscope opened up new layers of complexity in previously unseen objects.

And here comes the mind blowing bit.

The secrets of the universe go on and on, both outward and inward.  God didn't just create the big clumsy things we see with our own eyes, but he crafted the gigantic universe in details that go ever into miniature.  I suspect that we have many more layers of craftsmanship still to find.

At our staff devotions last Friday morning, one of the teachers shared this graphic presentation that illustrates the relative scale of known objects in the universe.  First zoom in to see smaller and smaller objects and then zoom out to the edge of the known universe.  Awe inspiring!

So click here and take a deep breath.

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