Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The fox and the child - movie review

The fox and the child (original French title is Le renard et l'enfant) is a beautifully filmed tale of a friendship between a girl and a wild fox. We found it at our local library and added it into our holiday viewing.  Essentially the tale follows the 10-year old girl's quest to befriend and tame the fox she sees in the forest on her way to school one morning.  Adventures through wild forests then take place as the trust builds between the two.  The English version of the film is narrated by Kate Winslet and there's no subtitles.  There are only a few moments of high drama - most of the film is adventuresome without being scary.  Our kids are particularly fond of wild animals and the thought of wandering unsupervised through a forest so it did well with them.  I think if you had hard-core action/adventure watchers, they might find the film a bit gentle.  It's a G and suitable for ages 4+.  If you have a tremendously sensitive child watching, I should warn you that there is one short scene where it looks like the fox may have been killed.  Doesn't last long.  Fox is okay.  But the wolves who appear from time to time might also give some children a fright.

It's definitely a film that would appeal to the free-range kids movement.  After all, the girl spends all day chasing a fox over hill and dale without any adults in sight.  Of course, I'd be fine with this.  I'm the earth mother kind.  Provided of course my child had a GPS tracker strapped to their leg and the fox had passed his Working With Children Check.


Tasmanian said...

"Of course, I'd be fine with this. I'm the earth mother kind..."
Oh dear, it seems someone has hacked your blog.

Ahh, there we go, GPS tracker and WWCC.

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