Saturday, June 23, 2012

What to do next if you want to follow this blog

Some of you reading this blog are new to the world of blogs.  Hi, Mum! Look at me!  I'm on the internet!  And so here's a short tutorial on how to follow this blog for newbies.

1. You can just open internet explorer type in each time you want to see if I've written anything.

2. Or, half way down my blog on the right-hand side, you'll find a box labelled "Follow by email". Type your email address into there and my posts will send themselves to your inbox automatically.

3. Or, if you get sick my emails in your inbox, you can subscribe to the feed*. Just under the email option is a subscribe button.  Click on the little down arrow, then choose the option that has this box  . Another page will come up with a big yellow box.  Click on the blue "subscribe to this feed" option.  Another box, click on subscribe again. Done.

* What's a feed?  Well, you know that tab where you can keep your "favourites"?  Next to that is another tab that says "feeds".  If you add this site to your feeds, your computer will automatically check for any updates on  my blog.  Then when you click on your feeds tab, the name of the site will appear.  If it is in bold, there's something new that you haven't read yet.  If it's in ordinary font, you're up to date.

So there you go everyone (but especially you, Mum).  Hope that helps.

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