Monday, June 25, 2012

The weekend

On Saturday, I spent some time working with a Year 12 student.  This term we've done Henry IV.  I hadn't studied Shakespeare for about 17 years.  My brain took a while to remember how to read Elizabethan English.  I look at her workload this year and I wonder how I ever survived Year 12.  It seems so enormous!  I can't remember what it feels like to have to work that hard.  Nothing I do seems that strenuous anymore.  Yes, the kids are exhausting and irritating at times.  But I don't have to face up to deadlines and exams and performance standards like I did in high school or Uni exams.  I'm grateful, but it kind of makes me wonder if I could even do that anymore.

Sunday, we had some friends from church over to lunch.  They've been in Australia less than a year having migrated here from South Korea. Good fun.  And one of their children is a board game enthusiast.  Excellent!  I found a board game retailer in Korea who had an online video explaining the rules to Settlers of Catan in Korean.  A quick watch of the video and we were happily playing Settlers together.

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Catan in any language...