Saturday, June 16, 2012

To the city

Headed into the city today and listened to talk by Nello Barbieri.   He spoke on 1 Peter and he was pretty good.  Main points I took home:

1) Christians ought to seem different from the people around us.  We want people to say, "Hey, why do you do that?" so that we have a chance to explain how much God loves them.  I should care less about being a weird Christian and care more about people getting to know Jesus.

2) How much you love something can often be measured by how far you'll go to get it back when you lose it.  In terms of God, I can be amazed at the lengths to which he went to find me and rescue me when I was a lost.

So a good day.  And there was nice food.

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Tasmanian said...

Nello is a long-haul, live-it-out, don't-back-down, love-you-no-matter-what kind of Christian. He helped ME get to know Jesus.