Friday, June 22, 2012

The thief

Amusingly naughty behaviour happening during "quiet hour" (aka nap time) at our house this last week.  While I've been up the other end of the house playing on the computer, the youngest has been stealing random items from the kitchen.  So I'll go into his room later in the day and find strange things hidden behind the bed, under the covers or in tubs somewhere. 

This is the list so far:

* 1 kg packet of sultanas
* tub of apricot jam
* 1/4 packet of grated cheese
* the sugar bowl

So far, he only takes one thing at a time.  And none of these items have been eaten, just stockpiled. Does he know something I don't?


Linza said...

He could be attempting Orange Cream Pancakes ( and be slightly confused about the different types of cheese. Is he allowed a hotplate in his room?

Deb said...

Didn't think of that. I've just rushed to check that our electric frypan is still in the cupboard. So far so good.

Deb said...

It's getting worse. This morning he took a container of cook popcorn, a packet of dried apricots and a packet of prunes. All at once. Maybe he's missing some fibre in his diet?

Karen said...

Have you confronted him? What did he say?

Deb said...

He giggles. Very cute. But it's worn off on his mum and his dad. So this afternoon when the sugar bowl went missing again there were some firm words and a reminder to the behind.

Tasmanian said...

Well, at least he didn't draw in library books...
... three days in a row!?!?!
(Someone in our house is surrendering pocket money for a month or so to repay the library!)