Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank God it's Friday

I know that “Thank God it’s Friday’ is usually said in absence of any kind of thankfulness towards the Almighty, but I’d like to do my bit to remedy that. 

Today  I’m thankful for the people I work with who still dream big dreams for our special needs students.  They are such an inspiration to me. 

You got anything you’re thankful for today?  Join in! Let’s count our blessings for a bit.


Tasmanian said...

Thank God for a house full of colds but not sore throats, bad coughs or sleepless nights.
Thank God for a generous husband who has arranged for me to have a holiday.

Karen said...

Just that it's Friday and I am having a quiet day at home. It's been a big week here.

Petrina said...

Thanking God that my husband is safe, happy and well-slept, even though he is half a world away.

Deb said...

That is indeed something to give thanks for! I was following your blog when you were pregnant with your last baby. What a miracle! God is so good.