Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm not a great housekeeper. I spent the first years of married life doing the bare minimum.  I didn't really feel like the responsible adult yet - surely Mum or Someone was going to do all the other stuff.  It's slowly sunk in that I'm it!  Not that my wonderful husband doesn't do his fair share. But ultimately if I want a clean house, I'd better get on with it.  I also discovered after living out of home for a number of years that there were a lot of jobs I didn't know needed doing.  Once the dishes are done, the floors swept, the toilet cleaned, the shower recess scrubbed and the washing done, what else is there?  Turns out a fair few things.  So now I have the Listasaurus to help me try to keep some of those things ticking over.  I write this knowing that my oven is hopelessly overdue for a clean, the laundry floor is nearly a bio-hazard and the weeds are taking over the clothesline.... but let's move on.

One thing that I've read about in the last couple of years is the importance of cleaning routines.  Tidy people apparently (don't know from first hand experience) do a lot of their cleaning/tidying automatically as part of their routine so they don't feel so much like they are doing a chore.  For example, if it is your regular habit to hang up your coat rather than toss it on the bed like I do, you won't have to set aside a special time to hang up the clothes cluttering your bed.  And you won't even think of it as a job to do.  It's just what you do when you get home.

So I've been trying to add little bits of cleaning into my normal routine.  The only one that's really stuck so far has been adding the wipe-down of the stove top as the last thing I do once I've finished the dishes in the sink.  Before I pull the plug, I clean the stove top.  I've done it so often now it actually feels odd to not do it.  Like something isn't quite right.  And so I do it without thinking, "Oh no, I better clean that stove....groan."

I'm also trying to remember to grab a cloth when I put the detergent into the washing machine and wipe down the top of the machine and the lid where all the dust and spilled detergent build up before throwing it in with the wash.  I still forget this 9 out of 10 times.  And I know some of you good people remember to squeegee your shower before you get out....that's probably never going to happen in my house.

So do you have some automatic cleaning routines?  What are they?  What should I add next?


Petrina said...

I'm working on sweeping the kitchen floor after the evening dishes. I'm almost to the 'feels odd not to' point. And I love waking up to a swept floor :)

The challenge for me is seeing something grubby or lying around and thinking 'I'll get to that soon', rather than 'it'll take me 5 seconds, I'll just do it now'. But apparently the latter is what the tidy people do.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sweep the floor and wipe down the table immediately after I've cleared the table and before I wash up. I am also really good at wiping down the bathroom sink everytime I clean my teeth (I keep a cloth hanging over the shower) and wiping the mirror with a microifibre cloth while cleaning my teeth at night (if I notice it's dirty). I am really trying to clean the toilet now before I have a shower at night - but failing miserably. I'm a squidgeyer so my plan is to never feel like I have to clean the bathroomn again! hmm. J

Deb said...

Yes, I think I often over-estimate the time a job will actually take me to do. So I put it off.

Deb said...

Oh, J! The bathroom sink every time you brush and squeegeeing - wow. I'm in awe.

simone r said...

I thought that ovens only got cleaned when you moved out of a place.

How often should it be done?

Deb said...

In my case, it should be done when it reaches the stage that my smoke detector goes off every time I open the oven door. This, sadly, is not uncommon in our house.