Monday, June 18, 2012

Off target

Eventually, all blogs lead to toilet stories.  I will not disappoint you.

We have toilet problems.  It is not the leaving up of the seat that bothers me.  It's the constant mopping of the kids' toilet to keep it from descending into a biological wasteland.  We seem to do okay for a while and then it starts happening again.  If you are the mother of a boy, you'll understand.

So over the years we've had a couple of "wee targets".  We bought this sort from Kmart a couple of years back.
They were good but our Kmart no longer sells them and they were a bit pricey anyway.  I did go to Kmart a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to buy more.  When I couldn't locate them I asked the young shelf stacker in the nursery department if she knew if they had any "wee targets" still in stock.  She looked confused and pointed to electrical.  "No," I said, "Not that Wii.  The kind that ... oh never mind."  I couldn't bring myself to explain it all to a Gen Y who hadn't had children yet.

Before the "wee targets" we used another great idea.  Put a table tennis ball in the toilet and get the boys to aim for that.  When you flush, the ball floats and doesn't flush down.  So we threw one in the loo and it was magic.

But whenever we had visitors, a well-meaning adult would go off to use our toilet and we would forget to tell them about the table tennis ball.  Well, it's not the kind of thing you work into dinner table conversation is it?  They would come back and discreetly tell me that one of the kids had thrown a ball into the toilet but that it was okay because they'd fished it out and left it in the laundry sink for me.  After thanking them for their kindness, I would then explain that actually it had been there for weeks because we use it for target practice.  Awkward silence while they think about the germs that they've just pulled out of my toilet with their bare hands.

So we gave up on that.  Until this week when I decided to give it another go.  This week, I placed the following sign above the toilet.

I thought that would be sufficient.  Apparently not because we've already had one visitor fish the ball out.  I understand the reasoning.  You see something in the toilet that shouldn't be there.  You know there are boisterous children in the household.  You draw a fair conclusion.  But it's the fishing out I don't get.  I don't think anything would induce me to stick my hands in someone else's loo!


Ben McLaughlin said...

Not that Wii.. heh!

Cool idea with the ping pong ball, and nice laminated sign. Totally agree with the fishing out. I'd never do that an someone elses place. I'd run a way and plead ignorance for sure.

Karen said...

Aim has improved here lately. I cleaned the floor this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of mess. We never got around to trying the ping pong ball or wee target solutions, although they were always at the back of my mind as options.
Unfortunately, the stashing of books behind the cistern is continuing....and it always feels a bit yucky pulling the book out of there....

Deb said...

Books behind the cistern?! That's hilarious.