Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My brain is not what it used to be

This evening I whirled my eldest and youngest children out the door to get somewhere very important on time.  That I achieved.  An hour early.  Oops.  Misread the clock.  We went over to the local library and killed time for an hour and tried again.

On my way home, as I reflected on my goofy-ness, I was comforted by the recollection that earlier today I read that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had managed to leave his eight-year-old daughter behind at the local pub recently.  Seems he and his family had gone there for dinner and he and his wife headed home in separate cars each assuming young Nancy was in the other car.  They both arrived home a few minutes later and discovered their mistake.  Mrs Cameron raced back and collected Nancy.

If the leader of Great Britain can occasionally do something like that, then I'm doing okay.

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