Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little bit Toby

So I like NCIS.  Very much.  We’re waiting for the current season to be released on DVD.  We borrow them for free from our local library.  But with NCIS up to date (and NCIS Los Angeles being rubbish) we needed another series.  Karen and Simone liked West Wing so we started with Season One.  It wasn’t a series I would have chosen by myself – American politics?  The White House?  - so I admit it took a while before I was really into it.  I’d say at least episode two.

Now we are in Season Four.  And I enjoy all the main characters but I think I’m probably most fond of Toby Zeigler.  And that’s because I feel I’m a little bit Toby. Obviously his being a middle-aged Jewish man who works at the White House and one of the brilliant minds of his generation does set us apart from each other a bit. But never the less, I feel a strong affinity with Toby.

I’ve been mulling over why and I’ve come up with four reasons.

1.       He’s prickly.  Not an easy personality.

2.       He’s not the glamorous one.  He’s not Sam with his good looks or Josh with his power and personality.

3.       He’s easy to set up.  The other characters can suggest an opinion and Toby will find himself 2 miles down the road in argument before he realizes they were just having a lend of him.

4.       He seems at first to be cynical.  But underneath that everyday cynicism is a deep river of conviction and hope that things can be done better and great injustices righted. I guess that’s a theme of the show in general but it’s modelled really well in Toby.

So that’s me and Toby.

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Karen said...

Both my husband and I are big Toby fans too.
You've reminded me that now the end of semester has arrived, I must get back to the WW. You're probably almost up to where I'm at if you haven't already passed me...I'm going to have to start at the beginning of Series 5.