Thursday, June 14, 2012

Embarrassing myself

Had an embarrassing moment earlier this week.  I've been trying to work out what to do about telling my friends I have a blog.  I don't really think most of my in-person friends will want to read my ramblings on a regular basis.  They get enough of that just seeing me about the place.  But I decided I had to tell most of them because if I told some people and not others it might seem like I was trying not to include them.  I wouldn't want a friend overhearing me talking about a blog post with another friend 10 months down the track and them wondering why I didn't want them to know anything about it.  But then it all sounds so conceited to say, "Hey, I have a blog."  Ugh.

Anyway in my efforts to not exclude people, but still not look totally full of myself, I decided I'd just tell most of my good friends once and then I'd have done my duty and they could look or not look at it and we never need mention it again.  Along the lines of.... "Hey, I've started a blog by the way.  Oh, look!  There's an interesting bird flying by!  I wonder what kind of seagull that is."

So here's the embarrassing bit.  I was talking on the phone to a friend yesterday and while we were talking I was thinking, "Did I tell them I had a blog?  Better get it over with."  And so I said something and then they said, "Yes. I got your email about it."  And I wanted to hastily explain why I was telling them twice but I didn't because I figured I'd only end up sounding even sillier.  But I did feel a right goose.

So, for those of you who blog, how do you handle telling or not telling people?


Karen said...

I told a few people not long after I started. It felt a bit weird, so then I stopped talking about it. I don't think there are many people I know in person who read it anyway.
Last Sunday I did tell someone at church about it. Not someone I know particularly well, but she comes along to the book chat so I've been getting to know her better. She then told me at Bible study this week that she'd read my entire blog. Like the last two and a half years or however long I've been blogging for. She said she'd enjoyed it, but I must say that made me feel a tad uncomfortable. She did say it had given her a whole new insight into me, which worried me a bit to be honest. I'd like to think the me that people see in real life is like the me who blogs. But maybe it's just because I'm often quite reserved when I'm getting to know people....

Ben McLaughlin said...

Oh yeah, a lot of room for embarressment there. A day or two after I started mine, I sent out this big group email to everyone in the world ever saying hey look at me, I have a blog. Ifanyone clicked the link, they'd have come to some lame blog with two posts, the first one saying something like 'testing, testing..'. D'oh.

Since then I've preferred to not tell anyone, and if they find it, they find it.

Another idea is to print yourself up a tshirt saying "I have a blog".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me you had a blog!!!! Now I'm playing catch-up. Connie