Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dinosaur eggs

I found the instructions for making these dino eggs on this website.  It's in Portuguese but the photos are fantastic.  So you can either read the Portuguese version with the good photos or my English version with the dodgy point-and-shoot camera.

Hard boil some ordinary hen eggs (we are talking 3 minutes once the water's boiling in case you are not a regular egg boiler).

Once they are cool enough to touch, give the shells a good cracking all over.

Drop the unpeeled, but artistically cracked, eggs into a glass of water coloured with several drops of food dye.  I've found the darker colours work best - yellow was really blah but blue and red are winners.  Set the glasses in the fridge overnight.

Peel your eggs carefully so you don't take chunks out of the skin (the colour only penetrates a tiny way into the egg) and, if you are feeling whimsical, serve on a nest of grated carrot or cheese with a newly hatched dino for company.  One of my boys is a keen egg eater and I thought these would make a cool lunchbox addition.  But alas someone in his class has a strong egg allergy so we're keeping them as holiday food.

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Suz said...

That's fantastic. My youngest is a keen egg eater too. And he's into dinasours. Think I'll give this a go.