Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day off

ALRIK Swivel chair IKEA Height adjustable for a comfortable sitting posture.  Easy to keep clean; wipe with a damp cloth. The kids had a curriculum day yesterday so we all headed off to IKEA.  Oh the joy.  None of my kids fight at IKEA.  Nobody complains about the food at IKEA.  I don't have to tell anyone off for touching furniture and lamps at IKEA.  It is a good trip.

And I was very self-controlled.  My job was to buy a new adjustable desk chair for one of the my kids.  Done for $20.  Plus I bought another roll of paper, a packet of whiteboard markers and some bag clips.

SYLT LINGON Lingonberry jam IKEAThe kids all had a bonus $5 on top of their pocket money to spend.  It was fun watching what they picked out.  The eldest went for an art set.  The youngest bought two small soft toys.  The middle child - always the one to think outside the square - bought a cushion, a throw-rug and an alarm clock for his room.  He was very pleased.

Then we bought some Swedish jam and went home.  I love a good trip to IKEA.


Anonymous said...

A throw rug! That is hilarious! And quite fantastic! Love it :) Jen

Tasmanian said...

We nearly went to Ikea on the same day, but baby slept for an unheard of THREE HOURS while I killed time playing Uno with the big kids again and again and again.