Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We own four of the Seeds Family Worship CDs, with plans to buy the next two.  They are memory verses set to music.  The first five CDs use the NIV text but in the latest album they’ve swapped over to the ESV. The verses are not “dumbed down” or truncated – it is just the standard text as it would read if you flipped your Bible open to that passage. The music is great – really well-produced and very easy for adults to listen to over and over.  The songs sound like real songs and not like a jingle cobbled together to fit an awkward set of words.  Every time we’ve got a new CD, I have found it really encouraging for myself – never mind the children.  But it’s also had a fantastic impact on our kids.  As we play them in the car over and over, we had some really wonderful Bible conversations as the kids ask me to explain a phrase or a word that they are singing.  And there’s been a lot of elbowing and excited glances when we’ve been sitting in church and they’ve recognized a passage being read from a song they’ve heard in the car.  I'd say good for ages 2 to 102.

But I haven’t told you the best bit yet.

Every CD is a double packet. Two for one, peoples!  There are two identical CDs included and the packet rips in half so you can keep one and share one with another family.  How good is that?!

They are available from their website or download from itunes.

**UPDATE** There was some trouble ordering these CDs from their website.  All is well now!  Order away! 

Seeds of Courage

Seeds of Faith

Seeds of Praise

Seeds of Purpose

Power of Encouragement

Seeds of Character

Here’s one of my favourites – Do not be anxious


Ben McLaughlin said...

Wow, you know what's funny? After losing my bag the other day, which had my cherished old bible with all my underlined, highlighted favourite bits, I've felt pretty anxious, and so this passage came to mind yesterday, as I decided I should make the decision to not be anxious, and to rejoice in all circumstances. So, without my Bible, I tried my best to repeat these few verses to myself throughout the day, though I mixed up the wording in a couple of spots. So, I'm very happy to listen to your link here, to help me remember! Ta! God works in cool ways.

Deb said...

Awesome! I'm just torn up about your bag though. I can't believe someone wouldn't return it! I know, I know, you are trying to stay all calm about it but I'm just astonished that people are so rotten.