Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poker Night

I’m looking forward to Saturday night. It’s Poker Night. 

Didn’t take me for a poker fan? Well, I’m not.  It’s just what we call it.  Sometime, maybe a year or more ago, three friends discovered we were all carrying a little secret: a love of playing board and card games.  Bring out your Pictionary and your Scrabble!  Dust off your Boggle and your Balderdash!  I’m your gal. Trouble was, we were all married to partners who held that there is a good reason why they are called “bored” games.  So each of us had quietly decided that we’d just have to wait until our kids were old enough to play with us.
Then one day, it slipped out in conversation.  One of us – and now it’s all so wrapped in the mists of time that no one can remember who – reluctantly confessed to enjoying board games.  And the other two were nearly giddy with excitement!  We hastily arranged a date to play Dutch Blitz and Poker Night was born.

Since then we’ve had some others play with us from time to time.  But us three remain the steady ones.  About once a month, on a weekend night, we gather and we play.  Usually there’s chocolate or ice cream involved.  There are long pauses – long pauses - in the games while we chew the fat.  I usually lose.  We laugh a lot.  And we call it Poker Night because “board games night” sounds so geeky and we are trying to look cool.  We never play poker.  I don’t think any of us know how.
The time before last, we played Canasta.  I lost every game quite valiantly. And in the middle of it, I looked up at us four around the table.  For a moment I couldn’t work out how I’d gotten there: to be in my 30s, playing canasta on a Saturday night with such excellent women. It’s what I’d like to still be doing in 30 more years’ time. The conversation swirled around me and the game went on as I took in the wonder of the moment.  I just felt so thankful to be there.  I felt like I'd found my people.

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Tasmanian said...

I am so completely going to be playing Killer with you in the nursing home.