Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buying books

I buy books online most of the time now.

I think I’ve just heard hundreds of bookshop-loving browsers click over to the next blog. 


And I tend to use Book Depository a lot.  But I also buy from Better World Books.  They do sell new books, but their main business is in selling second-hand books online thereby saving them from landfill. They also donate to literacy projects around the world.  Like the Book Depository, they offer free shipping worldwide. But because they have second-hand books, you can sometimes get what you want at a cheaper price if you don’t mind a pre-loved copy.  And they are my first stop for hunting out-of-print books.  I’ve used them for comic books, Christian books, kids’ books, text books and on and on. They were really useful when we were tracking down audio books on cassette for my grandmother-in-law last year.  Worth a look if you're in the market for some books.

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